I provide translation (Croatian, Serbian (also the Cyrillic alphabet), Bosnian, Montenegrin, English to Italian and all their combinations)

Daniela Jurcic

Translator & Interpreter

My name is Daniela Jurcic.

I graduated in Visual Arts at the Faculty of Education at the University of Rijeka (Croatia), after having obtained the Diploma of the Italian High School in Rijeka. For two years I attended the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Trieste. I come from a mixed family, my father is Croatian and mother is Serbian. I lived and attended schools in Serbia and in Croatia. I am a specialist  of the Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and Montenegrin language, because I know all the differences and nuances that distinguish this languages . I have decades of work experience in Italy.I have been living and working in Italy (Palermo) for more than 30 years. In my thirty-year working career I have gained experience in various production fields, this helps me to range in different translation fields.My cultural background has been enriched by years of travelling, working, reading and studying.

I offer the translation service of administrative documentation to the Italian Companies that have economic and commercial relations with Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro,  translation of administrative documentation, electronic and paper business mailing with foreign customers and suppliers, translations of manuals instructions and their use, participation in National and International fairs, telephone translation, in person support. I am also available for business trips.

Interpreting services

I am able to offer interpreting services of various kinds according to your needs and an indispensable linguistic support for your company at international conferences, trade fairs or meetings with your foreign business partners. (Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, to Italian and all combinations)

Language Combinations
  • Italian ⇔ Croatian
  • Italian ⇔ Serbian (also Cyrillic)
  • Italian ⇔ Bosnian
  • Italian ⇔ English
  • English ⇔ Italian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian

The oath is made by the expert or translator in the Court that he/she has carried out his/her task well and faithfully.

In order to authenticate a translation , an oath is required for diplomas, certificates, as well as for legal acts, contracts, etc.

The cost of an authenticate translation

The price may vary according to the type of document.In any case, my translation and certification rates are very affordable.For a translation and certification, the cost of revenue stamps will be added €16 stamp must be affixed at the court for each 4 sides of the translation, including the oath statement.The page must be formatted as required by law, because the revenue stamp on the authenticate translation applies approximately every 25 lines .

Services and Specialization Sectors

I offer a full range of high quality translations and interpreting to companies and individuals.

Services and Specialization Sectors

I offer a full range of high quality translations and interpreting to companies and individuals.

Sworn Translations and Legalizations

These are written documents, translations of personal documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, report cards, university transcripts, degree certificates, citizenship documents, etc., which are authenticated  in front of the Registrar’s Office when required by law. It is a translation that has an official and legal character as it is intended by authorities. False oath statement or wrong translation  constitutes a Criminal act  under the Criminal Code.

Legal translations

I collaborate with law firms and notaries for the translation of legal acts into:

Italian / Croatian / Serbian
Bosnian / Montenegrin / English

injunctions, summonses, court rulings convocations, legal actions.

Legal translation is a translation that requires knowledge of the legal systems of both the country of origin and the country of destination. The use of the terms and the articulation of the contents must find a correct transposition into the target language.

Medical & scientific translations

Medical translations, medical records, examinations, discharge letters, medical reports, medicine leaflets,  for individuals, doctors, Italian and foreign Institutes, Pharmaceutical Companies, medical device Manufacturers, Professional people working in the healthcare field.

Technical translations

User manuals, contracts.

Economic and financial sector

Translation of company contracts, balance sheets, bank statements, insurance contracts.

Portals and Websites

Website translation is the process of adapting, often word by word, the original content of a website into other languages in order to make it accessible and usable for customers worldwide.


Righetti Sollevamenti

"Daniela has been a valuable help in translating our website into Croatian. Despite it being a niche technical field, Daniela has ensured significant attention to the correct interpretation of each technical term and to meeting deadlines. The results of her work are already visible after just six months, with the increasing number of requests we receive from the Balkan area. We are happy to have found a reliable and precise collaborator in Daniela."


Laura Troiani Marketing Department


I live in Palermo but I provide translations in the languages of my competence throughout Italy and abroad, for more information or to have a detailed quote, free and without obligation, just fill out the form below.

Do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to answer you within a couple of hours!